… You are looking for automatic acid filling machines that

  • are suitable for starter batteries
  • are suitable for industrial batteries
  • fill cleanly
  • guarantee exact filling levels
  • fill and level
  • fill, level and suck off
  • prevent after dripping

... You are looking for AGM/VRLA/GEL battery filling machines that

  • require quick and clean filling
  • require filling with exact filling volumes
  • where QA-filling verifications are required.

… You are looking for automatic plug setting machines that

  • screw in precisely
  • guarantee a controlled torque
  • control the plug height after setting
  • can process several plug types in one machine
  • allow quick set-up times
  • guarantee a long life service

... You are looking for automatic leakage test machines that

  • detect the smallest leakages
  • mark the leakage location
  • have a digital adjustable high voltage value
  • have a data reporting
  • detect by air pressure

… You require automatic high rate discharge test machines that

  • guarantee optimal contact to the pole by means of pole grippers
  • warrant constant test conditions
  • indicate and print out measuring values

… You require machines that perform finishing, e.g.

  • Pole brushing
  • Pole greasing
  • Engraving
  • Stamping
  • Laser coding
  • Hot stamp marking
  • Place on pole caps
  • Labelling

… You require special application machines in the finishing and formation area, e.g.

  • Anti static spaying
  • Port blow out
  • Degassing bottle placing

These are only some examples from our comprehensive machine product program. Machines

that are being used by our customers worldwide to their utmost satisfaction. The quality of our

machines doe not result only from the use of high-quality materials which have to comply

with the high demands in battery manufacture, but also from the persistent and continual

development of the automation processes.


The quality stamp on all our machines

“Made in Germany”


stands for stability and sound workmanship.